What Are the Different Tiles You Can Buy?

Do you want to use tiles for your outdoor or indoor flooring? Before you do, here are the top three materials you can choose from. Continue reading to learn their pros and cons. Don’t hesitate to consult your tile contractor for their professional advice too.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles come in two types which are the glazed and the unglazed tiles. Aesthetic-wise, the unglazed tile is pretty ideal. They have this rustic feature that can blend well with many interior themes. Unfortunately, unlike the glazed, they are not protected with a coating.

This makes the unglazed ceramic tile susceptible to such an element. They will be hard to clean so if you’re considering using them, you might want to put them on areas with less moisture, probably away from any plumbing components. This or you can choose the glazed one with the help of your tile contractor.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are another popular types of tile you can use for your home. Just like ceramic, they are known for their beauty, durability, and high value. This type is engineered to look like other precious materials such as natural stones, bricks, or even woods. The quality is there. They are easy to install and highly resistant to stress.

Limestone Tiles

If you’re looking for true rustic beauty, you can have the limestone tile. They are durable yet soft, which is perfect in areas where standing for a long time is required. Limestone tiles are commonly found outdoors which makes them highly vulnerable to harmful elements such as dirt and rain.

To maintain its beauty and improve its lifespan, consider resealing it constantly. Limestones are porous so doing it will surely make it easier for you to clean them. You can hire a pressure washing company, though if you don’t have the tools or confidence to perform the job.

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